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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New uniform for easyJet cabin crew introduced

easyJet Cabin CrewCabin crew members for easyJet, Europe's fourth largest airline, are wearing new uniforms. What's most interesting about the uniforms is that they were designed by crew members.

The new designs represent the winning entry in a design competition among the crew members who will be wearing the uniforms. There were hundreds of entries, narrowed down to three for the final competition. Cabin crew at easyJet then voted for their favorite among the three.

The smart new uniforms, designed by easyJet crew members AnnMarie Cuffe, Joanne Todd and Kurt Wilson, replace easyJet's well known casual black pants and orange polo shirt outfit. Now crew members can select from among a number of different pieces such as orange or white shirts, jackets or waistcoats, and mix and match the pieces to suit their own style and comfort needs.

For more photos of the new easyJet uniforms, visit the easyJet Photo Gallery on the company's website.

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