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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flight attendant hiring forecast for May, 2008

Emirates cabin crewLast month I wrote an article here on Cabin Crew News about a useful website for those seeking work as flight attendants. That website,, is run by Matt Keegan, someone I have known for quite awhile. Matt has been involved in the aviation community for a long time, and I know he keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry as well as anyone can in these tumultuous times.

In April, Matt launched a new monthly hiring forecast feature on to provide up-to-date information, identifying cabin crew hiring trends in major markets around the world. The May 2008 Hiring Forecast was posted to the website today. The guidance provided by this monthly forecast feature is particularly welcome these days. With so many carriers filing for bankruptcy protection or going out of business altogether, it is important to choose a financially healthy employer.

Highlighted in the section on where to look for work are Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines, two growing international carriers based in the Middle East that are currently recruiting cabin crew. Also mentioned were Virgin Atlantic, and the all-premium class carrier Silverjet.

To understand just how timely this information is, you only need to look at a few recent news headlines. For example, while premium-class trans-Atlantic carrier Eos ceased operations just days ago due to financial difficulties, its competitor, Silverjet, just announced an investment pledge of $100 million -- good news indeed. Meanwhile, Emirates just reported record profits in its annual report, released yesterday. The Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group commented, "As we plan for the next decade, our biggest challenges will be to find more pilots, engineers, cabin crew and skilled staff across our various business units."

In addition to news about which airlines are hiring cabin crew, also has a wealth of useful information, such as résumé advice and interviewing tips for prospective flight attendants. It's all free, too, so go and have a look.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Flight attendant jobs and hiring trends

Cabin crewThe bad news: Recently, several airlines have shut down their passenger operations, leaving thousands of their employees suddenly jobless. Among those are hundreds of capable, experienced flight attendants.

The good news (relatively speaking) is that some airlines and corporate aviation departments are hiring cabin crew at this time. One place on the web where you can find out who is hiring flight attendants is, a website that specializes in following hiring trends for cabin crew. The website features valuable information about the overall market for cabin crew jobs -- both commercial and corporate -- as well as specific job listings. charges no fees for job referrals.

This week, launched a new feature: A monthly hiring forecast. The April 2008 Hiring Forecast is up on the website now, and a new one will be posted each month. This month's report mentions which mainline, regional, and charter carriers in the U.S. are hiring flight attendants, as well several opportunities for cabin crew outside the United States. The report includes direct links to career fairs and the recruiting pages of airlines that are accepting online applications. Go and have a look. I think you'll find to be a very worthwhile job search resource, whether you are an experienced flight attendant looking for a new position, or seeking to enter the cabin crew profession for the first time.

Good luck in your job search. Happy Landings!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Airline flight attendant and business jet cabin crew career resource

Flight attendant at workIf you are looking for information about how to begin or advance your career as a flight attendant, you should know about, a website that focuses on well-paying jobs for cabin crew.

A popular feature of Cabin Managers is the section with job opportunities for flight attendants. What sets Cabin Managers apart from other cabin crew job websites is that the job listings are limited to those offering better than average pay, benefits and working conditions. Current listings include openings with commercial carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, EOS, Silverjet and MAXjet, among others.

In addition to commercial airline jobs, Cabin Managers also lists highly sought after job opportunities for corporate and business jet cabin crew.

Cabin Managers also features a selection of articles packed with useful career information for both aspiring flight attendants and experienced cabin crew. Article topics include job hunting tips, résumé writing, information about cabin crew salaries, and other flight attendant resources.

Access to Cabin Managers is free, and you can also subscribe to the site's free RSS feed. The feed will deliver the latest job listings directly to your reader, or to your home page on Google, AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN.

Cabin Managers is run by Matt Keegan, who has been providing career assistance to flight attendants since 2002. Matt has worked in the aviation industry in various capacities for many years, and he brings an insider's perspective to his Cabin Managers website. I have known Matt personally since 2003, and I know he has a lot of respect for the cabin crew profession. When he says that "no flight attendant should have to work for very low pay or in a situation where little respect for your career is given," he means it.

Click on over to and have a look.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Corporate flight attendant salaries

business jetCorporate aviation -- the industry sector with those sleek business jets -- is booming these days, not just in the U.S., but around the world. The larger corporate aircraft usually employ a flight attendant.

The world of the corporate flight attendant (CFA) often bears only a faint resemblance to that of the commercial airline flight attendant. They work aboard passenger aircraft, and they are there to see to the safety and comfort of their passengers, but in so many ways their work is very different from airline work. So are their salaries!

My friend Matt Keegan runs a website called the Corporate Flight Attendant Community, which is the premier source for information on the Web about this profession. The website has a very active forum, and Matt also writes a blog called Corporate F/A Dispatch to go with the website. Yesterday he wrote in the blog about corporate flight attendant salaries. Here's an excerpt:

Corporate flight attendants are paid at higher rates than their airliner peers and for good reason: they are expected to invest in themselves through training and to provide a level of service well beyond what the airlines give to their passengers. Tasked with ordering catering, selecting wines, and maintaining a high end meal service, much of the work that a corporate flight attendant does goes well beyond cabin duty.

Recently, a thread on our forums was resurrected and updated to discuss current salary information. Several people have chimed in, myself included, determining that there are many unanswered questions about this topic.
If you're a CFA, or thinking about becoming one, you'll do well to go and check out that thread. [Click HERE.] You don't have to register just to read, but if you want to post a reply there -- or ask a question -- you'll need to sign up first.

If you have an interest in 'flying corporate' -- working aboard a private jet -- I also recommend that you visit the Articles section of the Corporate Flight Attendant Community where there is a treasure trove of information about how to get started in corporate flying, and what to expect.