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Friday, November 16, 2007

Disruptive passenger day at PDX?

Portland International Airport (PDX)Yesterday, November 15, must have been disruptive passenger day at Portland International Airport (PDX). Police at PDX had to meet two separate flights due to disruptive passenger incidents.

US Airways Flight 1473 had been en route to Las Vegas from Seattle when a couple of passengers reportedly attempted to join the 'mile high club' in a lavatory. The A320 aircraft diverted to Portland after the passengers argued with crew over the incident.

From a KPTV news report:

"The people across the aisle from us were fooling around in their seats and they decided to go to the bathroom and fool around and they threatened the flight attendant," said passenger Jessica Smith.

US Airways avoided confirming that the couple was fooling around, but did say they were arguing with the crew.

A PDX spokesperson said the passengers were neither cited nor arrested, but they were left in Portland, Ore.

The plane continued on to Vegas, where it was scheduled for a 7:39 p.m. landing.
The second incident took place on United Airlines Flight 371 while it was en route from Chicago to Portland. News reports say that a passenger named James Terry was arrested by FBI agents and Port of Portland officers when the flight arrived at PDX.

A news story on KPTV says:
Agents said Terry was en route from Chicago to Portland on United Airlines flight 371 when flight attendants, believing he was intoxicated, denied him alcohol about an hour and a half into the flight.

The flight attendants told officials that Terry became agitated and they moved him to the rear of the plane, where he tried to open the rear door and touch a female flight attendant.

Agents said the flight crew used handcuffs to restrain Terry for the duration of the flight.
Following his arrest at the airport, Mr. Terry was taken to Multnomah County Detention Center.

Monday, November 5, 2007

US Airways No. 1 F/A celebrates 50 years service

US Airways No. 1 Flight Attendant Bette NashYesterday was a special day for the Number One flight attendant at US Airways: Bette Nash celebrated 50 years of service. Ms. Nash began her flight attendant career on November 4, 1957.

Here is an excerpt from a news release issued by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) about Ms. Nash and her golden anniversary:

"Bette Nash is a walking, talking history of the evolution of our industry, and we are so fortunate to benefit from her experience each day," said Alin Boswell, fellow US Airways flight attendant and Washington, DC Local Council President for the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA). "Not only is she a great flight attendant and mentor, but she is a wonderful person who brings much joy to everyone she encounters."

Ms. Nash began her career the same year Sputnik was launched, and when air travel was an expensive luxury full of amenities. As air travel evolved into what it is today, so has the role of flight attendant. Fifty years ago, flight attendants were forced out of their job after a few short years and the average career span was less than 18 months.

In 1964, seven years after Ms. Nash began her career, the Civil Rights Act passed and with the strength and determine of AFA-CWA, for the first time flight attendants were able to challenge the discriminatory policies based on gender, age, race, weight, marital status, and pregnancy that had become commonplace in the airline industry.

"Bette's accomplishment today is the fully realized goal that AFA-CWA set out to achieve over sixty years ago," said Patricia Friend, AFA-CWA International President. "When AFA-CWA began representing flight attendants in 1945, it was the goal of our founders to turn this 'job' into a full-blown career - a career that would provide for, and support flight attendants and their families. It is a humbling moment to reflect upon Bette Nash's accomplishment and realize how far we have come as a profession. AFA-CWA congratulates and thanks Bette for her years of devoted service. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with her in the future."
Congratulations to Bette Nash!

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