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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pick-up lines flight attendants hear

Southwest Airlines logoHow about something a little more light-hearted than our usual fare of cabin safety news and flight attendant labor issues: I noticed an entertaining article posted to Nuts About Southwest, the official blog of Southwest Airlines. It was written by a Carole Adams, a Dallas-based flight attendant.

Ms. Adams wrote Drop Me a Line, a collection of pick-up lines heard by flight attendants. Here's a sample of the pick-up lines on her list:

“You have to know CPR because you take my breath away.”

“I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by you!”

“If I borrowed your glasses, could I see you tomorrow night?”

“Congratulations, you’ve just been voted the most beautiful Flight Attendant. I’m your prize!”
Okay, stop rolling your eyes. I know they're groaners, but I think that's the point.!

There are others on that post, and still more contributed by readers in the Comments section at the end of the post. Go and have a look at Drop Me a Line. Go ahead and add your favorite (or least favorite!) pick-up line to the list -- there, or here.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Two Southwest F/As injured by inflight turbulence

Two Southwest Airlines flight attendants and a passenger were injured earlier this week when the B737 aircraft they were on encountered inflight turbulence. The incident happened on July 2, 2007 aboard Southwest Flight 1527 which was en route from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale with 76 passengers and five crew members aboard.

According to an Associated Press article about the turbulence incident, published by, reported that paramedics examined the injured people after the aircraft landed at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The passenger was examined and released, while the flight attendants were taken to a local hospital. One flight attendant had an injured ankle, and the other injured her shoulder.

The FAA preliminary report about the incident described the injuries as "minor" and noted that there was no damage to the aircraft.