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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Follow-up: Qantas F/A fired for 'stealing' is reinstated

Qantas logoBack in March of this year, I posted a story here about Philip Woodward-Brown, a Qantas flight attendant who was fired for allegedly taking nuts and other miscellaneous bits from a plane. Such a move on the part of Qantas seemed over the top, given the relatively innocuous nature of Mr. Woodward-Brown's offense, and I said so at the time.

It seems that others felt the same way, including officials at the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC).

After a hearing on the case, Lea Drake, senior deputy president of the AIRC said that although Mr Woodward-Brown had breached Qantas policy by his actions, she found the dismissal was "disproportionate to the gravity of the misconduct." According to a report on the Australian news website, Drake ordered Qantas to reinstate Mr. Woodward-Brown and pay him for his accrued time between his termination last August and immediate re-hiring.