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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Follow-up: Gulf Air cabin crew win substantial pay raise

Gulf Air logoThis is the kind of follow-up story I wish I could do more often.

Last week I posted a story about a request for an increase in pay and allowances by the Flight Attendant General Trade Union, which represents Gulf Air cabin crew. The union petitioned Gulf Air's CEO asking for a 30% pay raise and an increased meal allowance. There was concern that the airline was losing experienced crew who were leaving for other carriers that offered better pay and working conditions.

Apparently Gulf Air management paid attention to what union leaders had to say. They have agreed to increase pay and allowances for cabin crew, and the amounts will be considerably more than the union requested. (This may be a first!)

An article in the Gulf Daily News about the new pay rates reports:

Flight attendants will have their basic wage boosted by up to 52%, to BD340 a month.

Those serving in First Class will get between 57% and 90%, depending on experience and marital status, taking up their basic salaries of BD400 to BD480.

Crew get an allowance for every hour they are away from Bahrain, which has been doubled from 700 fils to BD1.500 under the new deal, said sources.
The increases were approved by the Gulf Air board earlier this week.

Gulf Air pilots were awarded pay increases as well.

Mahmood Al Kooheji, chairman of Gulf Air, said, "We are moving ahead full steam with the realignment of Gulf Air and this improved package is our appreciation for the flight deck and cabin crews' hard work, dedication and commitment to further strengthen the Gulf Air brand."

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gulf Air cabin crew petition CEO for pay raise

Gulf Air logoFlight attendants at Gulf Air are asking management for a 30% pay raise, plus an increase in allowances. The Gulf Daily News in Bahrain reports that a petition signed by 500 Gulf Air cabin crew requesting changes to pay and working conditions was handed to the airline's acting president and chief executive Bjorn Naf by the Flight Attendant General Trade Union earlier this week.

The union's leader, Sadeq Al Derazi, said the airline had to improve the pay of in-flight staff or continue to lose them to rival carriers. Mr. Al Derazi is a cabin services manager who has worked for Gulf Air for 18 years.

"Our main objective is not only to get increased pays but to keep hold of our experienced cabin crew. A lot of them have moved to other companies and we want to stop them," he said.

"Only improving conditions will stop people from leaving for other companies. We are not trying to force their hand - we are asking them to stop people moving to another airline."
In addition to an increase in base pay, Gulf Air cabin crew are seeking an increase in the meal allowance paid for every hour that each flight attendant is away from Bahrain.

The union has asked for an agreement to be reached by the end of this month.