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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Turbulence injures two American Eagle F/As, one pax

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a report on an incident in which two flight attendants and one passenger were injured during turbulence. The incident happened on the morning of April 28, 2007 aboard an Executive Airlines ATR 72-212, operating as American Eagle Flight 5089 from Nevis Island to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Quoting from the NTSB report:

The Director of Flight Safety for Executive Airlines said that a few minutes after the Captain made the announcement to prepare for the approach to land at San Juan, Puerto Rico, he alerted the flight attendants of the possibility of encountering turbulence, and asked that everyone remain seated.

According to the Director of Safety, the captain then initiated the descent, and the airplane entered a broken layer of clouds, encountering light turbulence, followed by a momentary "jolt" of turbulence. As the airplane encountered the momentary "jolt", both flight attendants who were walking to their seats, and one passenger, who had been in the lavatory, were thrown and received injuries.
The report says that the passenger was injured seriously. The flight attendants' injuries were described as "minor."

Neither the pilots nor any of the other passengers were injured, and the aircraft did not sustain any damage.