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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom and daughter become Alaska Airlines F/As

Two of the women who will graduate this week from Alaska Airlines flight attendant training are a mother and daughter. Summer Braaten and her mother Beth both will receive their wings tomorrow.

According to a story in the Seattle Times, this is the first time Alaska Airlines has trained a mother-daughter team together. Matthew Coder, manager of Inflight Services Training for Alaska Airlines said, "We've had sisters together, and husbands and wives, but not a mother-daughter. What usually happens is the daughter goes through the training first and they like their jobs so much, we get the mother later."

But not this time. Here's how the story is being told:

Encouraged by a supportive spouse and friends who are flight attendants, Beth Braaten applied first.

"I wanted to be a flight attendant since I was a little girl. It never went away," said the 46-year-old interior designer. "A year ago I decided to pursue the dream."

About the same time, Summer Braaten, who graduated from Central Washington University in 2006 with a degree in tourism and hotel management, was working in catering. On a job, she met an Alaska Airlines recruiter.

"It was mom's dream, but it sounded like fun," said Summer, 23.

She applied in March, two weeks after Beth. Both were accepted and scheduled for the same training class.
Following graduation, both women will be based in Anchorage.
"I never imagined when I held Summer in my arms my first Mother's Day [in 1984] that we'd ever be doing something like this together." Beth said. "Our graduation is a perfect Mother's Day gift."
Happy Mother's Day, Beth. And good luck and happy landings to the new flight attendants.

To read the entire Seattle Times story about Beth and Summer Braaten, with more photos, click here.

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