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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

About this blog

Welcome, and Happy New Year to all of my cabin crew friends around the world.

This blog is a continuation of an older blog, known as Flight Attendant News, which has been running since late 2005. This new version has be renamed -- you'll notice that its title is Cabin Crew News -- but the content and format will be very similar to that of the Flight Attendant News blog.

Just like its earlier incarnation, this is a news blog. I'll continue to post news for and about cabin crew, including who's hiring, contract and labor issues, cabin safety issues, and stories about individual flight attendants. I'll continue to cover news about cabin crew wherever they work - that is, commercial airlines and charters, as well as business and privately owned aircraft.

If you're a new reader, welcome to the world of Cabin Crew News. If you've clicked through from the 'old' Flight Attendant News, welcome back (and don't forget to change your bookmark to this new address).

You are invited to use the Comments section to add your remarks or to ask questions. The Comments on all of my blogs are now set up for moderation. This means that I will look at and approve the comment before it gets posted. I'm doing this only to prevent spam. I will approve all comments, including those that express an opinion different from mine, as long as they are not spam and contain no abusive language.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope I can keep this blog interesting so that you'll decide to be a regular reader.

Fly safely -- and happy landings!