Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flight attendant to ride Rocketplane into space

Rocketplane XPA French flight attendant who reportedly likes skydiving and hang gliding, has won a prize that should be even more of a thrill than those exciting sports. In fact, the prize is out of this world. Literally. She has won a ride on a Rocketplane -- a ride that will take her into space.

Imagine: It all began with a Kit Kat bar -- you know, Nestlé's chocolate covered wafers in the red wrapper? As a promotion, Nestlé distributed Kit Kat bars in France that had a code number on the inside of the wrapper, good for prizes. French flight attendant Mathilde Epron, 32, bought one of the Kit Kat bars.

At first she threw the wrapper away. Then on second thought, she retrieved it from the trash and entered the code number on the contest website. Voilà -- she was notified by Nestlé that she had won a place for herself and a companion on a sub-orbital space flight on a Rocketplane.

When the time comes (2010?) Mathilde and a companion will go to Oklahoma City, headquarters of Rocketplane Global, Inc., for a few days of pre-flight training, before flying into space as passengers on the Rocketplane. The sub-orbital flight on the four-passenger Rocketplane is expected to reach an altitude of 100 km (60 miles), and the space tourists will experience four to five minutes of weightlessness.

Bon voyage, Mathilde.

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