Thursday, June 26, 2008

Midwest Airlines flight attendants call proposed concessions 'ludicrous'

Midwest AirlinesMidwest Airlines is seeking to reduce its flight attendant work force by more than half, and also wants those remaining on the job to agree to massive cuts in pay and benefits. This week the Seabury Group, an outside consulting firm hired by Midwest Airlines, presented this potentially devastating plan to the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), the union representing Midwest's flight attendants. The union called the proposed concessionary package "ludicrous."

The plan proposes to cut 217 flight attendant positions, meaning over half of the Midwest Airlines flight attendants would lose their jobs. Those remaining would be asked to agree to hourly pay rate cuts ranging from 34 to 56 percent, plus other concessions that would reduce their income even further.

The union leadership calls the proposed plan "ludicrous" because Midwest Airlines flight attendants already earn 19 percent less than flight attendants at other low cost carriers. The AFA points out that the proposed Seabury plan included no supporting evidence to indicate that Midwest Airlines flight attendants' pay is too high.

In response to the proposed plan, Dory Klein, President of the Midwest Airlines unit of the AFA stated:

"This proposal is insulting, irrational, and fails to be fair and equitable. Midwest flight attendants are currently working under concessions that were negotiated five years ago in order for management to have the resources they needed to return our airline to profitability. Since that time, management has failed to create a viable business plan. It should be their responsibility to carry the burden of restructuring, not the flight attendants'.

"We have made repeated requests to review management and non-contract employee concessions, but have not received this information, which is particularly critical in light of what happened during our last round of concessions in 2003. Shortly after we took pay and work rule cuts, management gave themselves a pay increase and restored the concessions from all other non-union work groups."
The union leader said, "As we wait and see what the future holds for Midwest Airlines, we will continue to do everything we can to protect the careers of Midwest flight attendants."


Anonymous said...

This is called "the spiral to the bottom" by union busting management. They feel lets keep cutting and taking away until most of them leave and then we know we have reached the bottom.

Every FA should resign and let the airline go under and then management and Seabury Group can go out and fly the flights.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting the now that Midwest is being asked to make cuts amongst their ranks-they are angry.

WHERE Were the FA's & Pilots when their 'little sister' airline-SKYWAY was SHUT DOWN & CLOSED? The F/A's & Pilots at Skyway took a 100% CUT!!

MIDWEST, what goes around comes around!!

The gall to say cuts are unacceptable is unbelievable to hear!!!

Skyway was eliminiated & dissolved under the uncaring eye & hand of Midwest.

May all of Midwest soon find what it feels like to be grounded & your wings taken away with tears in your eyes.