Monday, June 23, 2008

JetBlue passenger behaves badly -- REALLY badly

Hardly a week goes by when there are no reports in the news about passengers behaving badly in flight (and we all know that many such stories never get reported by the press). A recent story about a disruptive passenger on a JetBlue flight seemed worse than most. Of course, as is so often the case, the incident centered on an intoxicated passenger.

JetBlue AirwaysOn June 17, 2008, a 35 year old woman passenger on JetBlue Flight JBU643 decided to smoke a cigarette during the transcontinental flight between New York (JFK) and San Francisco (SFO). She was seated in an exit row on the Airbus A320, and that is where she reportedly lit up.

When a flight attendant intervened, asking the woman to extinguish the cigarette, she allegedly became belligerent and abusive. She was forcibly moved to a seat away from the exit row and was restrained. In fact, she was restrained twice, since she managed to break free the first time. In the course of the altercation, the intoxicated passenger allegedly punched a JetBlue flight attendant in the jaw, and also shouted abusive language at him, including racial slurs.

The flight was diverted to Denver International Airport, where the belligerent woman was arrested. All the awful details of this incident can be found in the FBI affidavit posted on