Monday, June 2, 2008

Flight attendant jobs with charter carriers

Omni Air International DC-10 tailMatt Keegan over at has posted his monthly hiring forecast for cabin crew positions. The June, 2008 report focuses on flight attendant job opportunities with charter carriers.

We all know that, given the current price of fuel and the downturn in the overall economy, many airlines are struggling to continue operating, and there are fewer and fewer scheduled carriers recruiting for cabin crew vacancies. In his article, Matt makes a good point about charter airlines:

One question that prospective candidates have in mind when working for a charter airline is this — are they stable enough to survive the ups and downs of the business? Though it is impossible to predict how any airline will perform long term, the advantage for a charter operator is that their increased costs (namely fuel) are passed on to the customers.

Unlike scheduled airlines who must hold the line on costs or risk losing business, the pressure for charter operators is a bit different — they still want to offer the best service at a decent price, but they can only do this by recouping their rising costs from their customers.
If you are interested in a career as cabin crew on a charter carrier, go and have a look at the new article about working for charter airlines on -- and good luck with your job search.

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