Friday, March 14, 2008

ASA flight delayed by pesky mouse

ASA CRJ200The departure of an Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) flight was delayed for hours yesterday by what an Associated Press reporter referred to as "a mouse intent on flying to Atlanta." ASA Flight ASQ704 (operating as Delta Connection Flight 704) was grounded for hours at Des Moines International Airport after a flight attendant spotted a mouse aboard the CRJ-200 during a pre-flight safety check.

Passenger boarding was delayed on the Atlanta-bound flight until the aircraft could be inspected thoroughly for possible damage caused by the mouse. (Such critters can gnaw on wiring and other bits, and that could present a safety hazard.)

The flight, which had been scheduled to depart Des Moines at 05:50 local time, finally got underway at 11:52. News articles about the mouse incident quoted an ASA spokeswoman who said that all passengers had been rebooked on other connecting flights in Atlanta. It was unclear, however, if the mouse had been trapped or otherwise "deplaned" -- or if the little guy ultimately managed to make the trip to Atlanta after all.

I have a cat who could have made short work of that mouse. Maybe ASA should think about asking their flight attendants to bring their kitties to work with them.