Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New uniform for easyJet cabin crew introduced

easyJet Cabin CrewCabin crew members for easyJet, Europe's fourth largest airline, are wearing new uniforms. What's most interesting about the uniforms is that they were designed by crew members.

The new designs represent the winning entry in a design competition among the crew members who will be wearing the uniforms. There were hundreds of entries, narrowed down to three for the final competition. Cabin crew at easyJet then voted for their favorite among the three.

The smart new uniforms, designed by easyJet crew members AnnMarie Cuffe, Joanne Todd and Kurt Wilson, replace easyJet's well known casual black pants and orange polo shirt outfit. Now crew members can select from among a number of different pieces such as orange or white shirts, jackets or waistcoats, and mix and match the pieces to suit their own style and comfort needs.

For more photos of the new easyJet uniforms, visit the easyJet Photo Gallery on the company's website.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Singapore Airlines A380 - What's the cabin like?

The first commercial flight of the world's largest passenger airliner, the double-decker Airbus A380, took place yesterday. For its inaugural flight, Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 380 traveled from Singapore's Changi Airport to Sydney International Airport with 455 passengers and 35 crew on board.

The new Singapore Airlines A380 has two decks with 12 cabins in first class, 60 extra-wide seats in business class, and 399 seats in economy class. If you've been wondering what the interior of the aircraft looks like, here are some videos that will give you an armchair tour.

The first, a two and a half minute video produced by Airbus, shows the A380 cabin interior, including the premium class center aisle seats that convert to double beds:

Next is a four minute promotional video about the A380 from Singapore Airlines:

Thanks to Airbus and Singapore Airlines for providing these videos. For more information about this new aircraft, visit the Airbus A380 Navigator interactive website.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Air France cabin crew set to strike

Air France logoThe unions representing Air France cabin crew have called for a five-day walkout from Thursday, October 25 through Monday, October 29. The unions have called the strike over pay and working conditions.

The unions are pressing for a renegotiation of their labor contract, noting that some salaries have been frozen for 10 years. The current contract agreement expires at the end of 2007.

Yesterday Air France said in a press release about the cabin crew strike that their entire long-haul fleet will be operating during the strike, but that the airline was "obliged to plan for disruptions to our flight schedule, and in particular to our short and medium-haul services (France and Europe)."

UPDATE October 26, 2007: According to an article on, Air France has said it will sue the unions representing its cabin crews for non-compliance with rules governing strikes., and will ask for damages for losses arising from the workers' ongoing strike.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Airline flight attendant and business jet cabin crew career resource

Flight attendant at workIf you are looking for information about how to begin or advance your career as a flight attendant, you should know about, a website that focuses on well-paying jobs for cabin crew.

A popular feature of Cabin Managers is the section with job opportunities for flight attendants. What sets Cabin Managers apart from other cabin crew job websites is that the job listings are limited to those offering better than average pay, benefits and working conditions. Current listings include openings with commercial carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, EOS, Silverjet and MAXjet, among others.

In addition to commercial airline jobs, Cabin Managers also lists highly sought after job opportunities for corporate and business jet cabin crew.

Cabin Managers also features a selection of articles packed with useful career information for both aspiring flight attendants and experienced cabin crew. Article topics include job hunting tips, résumé writing, information about cabin crew salaries, and other flight attendant resources.

Access to Cabin Managers is free, and you can also subscribe to the site's free RSS feed. The feed will deliver the latest job listings directly to your reader, or to your home page on Google, AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN.

Cabin Managers is run by Matt Keegan, who has been providing career assistance to flight attendants since 2002. Matt has worked in the aviation industry in various capacities for many years, and he brings an insider's perspective to his Cabin Managers website. I have known Matt personally since 2003, and I know he has a lot of respect for the cabin crew profession. When he says that "no flight attendant should have to work for very low pay or in a situation where little respect for your career is given," he means it.

Click on over to and have a look.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

History of Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew Uniforms

I've noticed that whenever I post anything in this blog about flight attendant uniforms or flight attendant history, I get a lot of positive feedback from readers. This interesting video addresses both topics, since it reviews the uniforms of Cathay Pacific cabin crew over the past 60 years. I hope you enjoy it.

If the video does not display or play properly above, click here to watch Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Uniforms on YouTube.

Tip of the hat to YouTube user crazyroom06 for posting the video on YouTube.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mesa F/As unhappy with airline's China plans

Mesa Air Group logoFlight attendants at Mesa Airlines are skeptical about management's commitment to improving the quality of life of their employees. So says the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), the union representing Mesa's cabin crew.

Mesa flight attendants, among the lowest paid in the industry, have been in negotiations for over a year regarding pay increases and quality of life adjustments, among other issues. The Mesa flight attendants became more demoralized recently when the airline's management announced plans to partner with Shenzhen Airlines to form a new carrier in China.

Brian Manning, president of the Mesa AFA said, "At this time, when we have so many serious issues to address, we need to know that management is committed to our negotiations and not distracted by their legal issues. Management thinks that we should sit across the table and accept a cost-neutral agreement, yet in the meantime they are sending tens of millions of dollars over to China to start a new airline. This investment in a new airline was made possible by the hard work of flight attendants and other employees."

AFA contends that the money being used to expand the airline's business overseas has come from employees' pockets, in the form of wage concessions -- concessions the company claimed it needed to stay afloat.

Brian Manning said, "Management insists that there be no improvements in the flight attendant contract because improvements cost money. For years they have insisted that their employees take concessions as if the company is failing. But then they announce that they have formed a $65 million airline in China. The money that Mesa management has used to expand their airline, in ways that are not beneficial to flight attendants, comes from the pockets of their employees. It is time that this shameful practice stops."

Friday, October 5, 2007

Gold Star for publisher Bob Buckel

Gold StarsIt's been awhile since I handed out a Gold Star, which is my way to give a little recognition to someone outside the aviation industry who spontaneously demonstrates an appreciation for flight attendants and their work. Today I'm giving a Gold Star to Bob Buckel, who is the publisher of the Azle News (as in Azle, Texas).

Mr. Buckel gets a Gold Star for Smile, and my heart takes flight, an article he wrote in yesterday's Azle News. In his article he talks about jobs he used to have, and jobs he had considered over the course of his life. He has this to say about flight attendants' work:

Pack a couple of hundred people into seats and strap them in. Put some G-forces on them – bounce them around a little – in addition to whatever stresses they brought with them. Serve them some drinks, then point out that their restroom options are very limited.

Crying babies, claustrophobic type-A businessmen late for appointments, spike-haired musicians, talkative teens and people who just don’t quite fit into those seats – it’s not a scene many of us would like to preside over.

The glamour of seeing all these exotic locales dims somewhat when you realize that at most stops, the flight attendants barely make it off the airplane. They’re busy putting up pillows, picking up trash and getting the seats ready for the next crowd of passengers.

Just for the record, I couldn’t carry a tray of drinks around all day on solid ground without dumping it. They do it all day long, along a shifting, narrow aisle – at least they don’t have to wear high heels anymore. And through it all, some of them still manage to smile.
They do indeed! Thanks for writing that, Mr Buckel. In appreciation for your understanding, you get a Gold Star.

Click here to see who else was awarded a gold star.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Delta Clipped Wings - 50th anniversary

Delta Clipped Wings logoDelta Clipped Wings marked its 50th birthday last week with a celebration at the Delta World Headquarters in Atlanta. Established in 1957. Delta Clipped Wings is an organization of retired an active flight attendants who have completed at least 20 years of service.

There is a wonderful narrated slide show about Delta Clipped Wings on the CNN website. Featured are images of Delta flight attendant uniforms over the years, and images of flight attendants at work on various kinds of Delta aircraft. In the narration, current and former Delta flight attendants offer their views on how the job has changed over the years. Don't miss Flight Attendants: A Career Evolution.

Congratulations to Delta Clipped Wings for their 50 years of service to the community and for supporting one another as only flight attendants know how to do.