Monday, October 22, 2007

Airline flight attendant and business jet cabin crew career resource

Flight attendant at workIf you are looking for information about how to begin or advance your career as a flight attendant, you should know about, a website that focuses on well-paying jobs for cabin crew.

A popular feature of Cabin Managers is the section with job opportunities for flight attendants. What sets Cabin Managers apart from other cabin crew job websites is that the job listings are limited to those offering better than average pay, benefits and working conditions. Current listings include openings with commercial carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, EOS, Silverjet and MAXjet, among others.

In addition to commercial airline jobs, Cabin Managers also lists highly sought after job opportunities for corporate and business jet cabin crew.

Cabin Managers also features a selection of articles packed with useful career information for both aspiring flight attendants and experienced cabin crew. Article topics include job hunting tips, résumé writing, information about cabin crew salaries, and other flight attendant resources.

Access to Cabin Managers is free, and you can also subscribe to the site's free RSS feed. The feed will deliver the latest job listings directly to your reader, or to your home page on Google, AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN.

Cabin Managers is run by Matt Keegan, who has been providing career assistance to flight attendants since 2002. Matt has worked in the aviation industry in various capacities for many years, and he brings an insider's perspective to his Cabin Managers website. I have known Matt personally since 2003, and I know he has a lot of respect for the cabin crew profession. When he says that "no flight attendant should have to work for very low pay or in a situation where little respect for your career is given," he means it.

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