Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pax ignores seat belt sign, breaks leg in turbulence

Continental Airlines logoA passenger on a Continental Airlines flight broke his leg after leaving his seat during turbulence. The incident happened on August 2, 2007 on board a B-737 aircraft operating as Continental Flight 875 from Houston to Panama City, Republic of Panama. The aircraft encountered turbulence while descending for an approach to Panama City.

A brief factual report about the turbulence incident posted on the NTSB website summarizes what happened:

The Captain requested and received deviations from the intended route of flight to avoid inclement weather along the route of flight when the flight encountered moderate turbulence for approximately 7 to 8 seconds during descent.

The cabin seat belt sign was illuminated and the flight attendants had made several announcements regarding the seat belt sign when a passenger fractured his leg after he elected to leave his seat.

The injured passenger was attended to by an on-board physician until he was de-planed by local paramedics.
No other passengers or crew members were injured, and there was no damage to the aircraft.