Friday, February 9, 2007

Being a flight attendant is sexy

Just in time for Valentine's Day: The Business Review, reporting on the results of a survey carried out by the online job search website, says that 'flight attendant' is one of the 10 sexiest jobs in the U.S. The survey was sent to 1,500 job seekers, employees and employers, with 1,075 responding. "Flight attendant' came out as the fifth-sexiest job on the list.

Here's the whole list:

  1. fireman
  2. chief executive
  3. interior designer
  4. doctor
  5. flight attendant
  6. police officer
  7. nurse
  8. teacher
  9. lawyer
  10. bartender & lawyer (tie)
What? Pilots didn't make the top ten list? What could it mean?


Matt Keegan said...

Who knew?! Flight attendants make sense as I guess it goes back to the "air hostess" days when glamorous was in.

As for pilots, they may wear uniforms but they don't have the same constant contact with the pax.